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Novamera is a venture capital-backed start up revolutionizing the mining industry. We’re the best kind of disruptors, in – and out – of the field and our decades of mining experience and multi-disciplinary approach have given rise to the industry’s boldest innovation to date:

Sustainable Mining By Drilling (SMD)

State of the art technology that enables surgical mining. Environmentally friendly and built to elevate many aspects of your operations. SMD is transforming how to mine, and is a new better, solution that’s smarter, greener and exceptionally cost-effective.

More bang for your buck…without any blasting. Without the waste. Or wasting time. Believe it.

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Smarter Greener Safer

Transformative change for less

Mining’s never been more intelligent

We’re creating an integrated network of intelligent, cloud-based systems, software and devices to power SMD’s “Keyhole Surgery”, precision-guided mining.

Tech-driven, surgical mining that uses high resolution imaging to identify vein and host rock interfaces, and adapts, intuitively. Boosting existing site potential by unlocking previously inaccessible or unprofitable zones – and extending that potential to globally abundant sites rich in small-scale near surface narrow vein mineral deposits.


SMD uses a unique downhole directional vein-sensing tool, steering, proprietary algorithms and industry-proven drilling technology to surgically mine your deposit. Minimizing environmental impact. And maximizing safety and profitability by extracting only ore.

And the waste?
We leave that where it belongs: in the ground.

Sustainable Mining By Drilling also dramatically reduces a mine’s carbon footprint, using less energy and emitting less greenhouse gases.

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If you aren’t evolving, you’re getting left behind

We’re known for our innovative solutions. Our reliability. Unwavering integrity. And our strong partner relationships that put customers first.

We don’t stop there. Our visionaries are constantly pushing the mining industry forward by further developing new technologies and systems to improve flexibility, guidance, processes and sustainability. Novamera was a finalist in the 2019 Disrupt Mining Competition, sponsored by Goldcorp (now part of Newmont Mining)

We’re here to help you meet the increasing demand for responsibly sourced metals and minerals (and save you time and money while you do it).

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