Smarter Greener Safer

Innovation that unlocks stranded assets, improves efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

We know the Earth is as important as the ore inside, so we developed something radical:

Sustainable Mining By Drilling (SMD). A new technology changing the landscape of the industry for the better. It’s not just sustainable. It’s responsible. Relevant. Important. It is the future. And the future is bright.

With demand for metals rising and ore grades on the decline, there is more mining, more waste and more irreversible impact on the land and the communities it serves. Novamera’s game-changing technology is rooted in our commitment to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint and using sustainable practices. All while optimizing your site’s potential.

SMD seamlessly marries mining and environmental sustainability (and improves safety, productivity and overall cost, too).

SMD seamlessly marries mining

Our signature two-pass “Keyhole Surgery” system precisely identifies, maps and then excavates only the desired ore from the Earth. When mining is complete, the tailings generated from mineral processing is used to backfill the hole completing the entire mining cycle with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Without blasting. Marginal surface waste. Minimal landscape scarring.

The proof’s in the numbers.

The proofs in the numbers

SMD’s surgical precision drastically reduces the impact of site operations on the environment, leaving a smaller footprint from start to finish. SMD operates free from the waste of conventional mining. From transport (gas) to physical storage and disposal (energy and space) reductions, to 100% less blast noise pollution, our overall material handling – particularly in tailing facility requirements – is acutely reduced.

Sustainable Mining By Drilling:

  • Emits 50% less greenhouse gases*
  • Offers a 50% reduction in energy consumption*
  • Uses 50% to 60% of tailings to fill excavated holes (using recycled water)

And because SMD operates more remotely and in a fundamentally less-invasive manner, not only is long term, permanent site damage minimal, the land remains stable too.

* compared to conventional selective mining techniques based on a preliminary analysis comparing SMD to cut-and-fill at an operating mine in Australia

Mining you – and the community – can feel good about.

Environmental friendliness goes hand in hand with nurturing your relationships with the community. In transforming the approach to environmental sustainability in mining, SMD invariably increases social acceptance – even enthusiasm – for your projects.

In the past, the noise, waste and environmental impacts on precious community space and the planet have negatively coloured public perception of mining. As a highly remote, automated operation, SMD significantly lessens audible, air quality and land disturbances. And, with our signature backfilling method, sites are left intact and easily restored to their natural states. So, communities can enjoy the economic benefits of mining knowing their resources have been maximized in a socially and environmentally respectful way.

SMD’s facilitation of positive community relations and green focus also create lucrative opportunities to forge partnerships with businesses and the public who may not have been open to collaborating with mining companies in the past.

Ready to move the needle toward a greener, more environmentally conscious mining practice?

Let us help integrate and leverage your existing systems with SMD.