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Our innovations are redefining how mining evolves. Sustainable Mining By Drilling (SMD) has people talking and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be leading the way.

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Groundbreaking project ongoing in Baie Verte

The College of the North Atlantic (CNA) continues to play an active role in supporting the province’s mining industry as they have paired up with mining company Novamera to work on a full field trial of Sustainable Mining by Drilling (SMD).

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Groundbreaking project ongoing in Baie Verte2021-11-17T16:23:20-05:00

Narrow Vein Mining Fit for the Future

Some veins sets are simply too narrow or geotechnically complex to be mined profitably using these methods. Novamera Inc. may have found the answer. The startup, which is a spin off from Canadian gold producer, Anaconda Mining, has developed a technique called Sustainable Mining by Drilling (SMD).

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Narrow Vein Mining Fit for the Future2021-09-01T16:38:10-04:00

Peru Mining 2021 – Drilling

Environmental concerns, and the wider ESG umbrella, are factors which Novamera Inc hope to address with its innovative SMD (Sustainable Mining by Drilling) solution. Dustin Angelo, president, CEO and co-founder of Novamera, elaborated how SMD is a multi-stage process with four main stages.

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Peru Mining 2021 – Drilling2021-08-20T15:22:33-04:00

Leader Profile: Dustin Angelo

In this interview, Dustin Angelo, President, CEO and Founder of Novamera Inc., discusses why the team decided to develop new drilling technology and how this led to the creation of Novamera.

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Leader Profile: Dustin Angelo2021-08-20T15:09:22-04:00

Small But Mighty – ‘Surgical’ mining progress

This year is turning out to be a significant one for Novamera and its Sustainable Mining by Drilling (SMD) surgical mining technology. Angelo added on technology and corporate progress: “We’ve made progress in terms of market awareness and are discussing with potential customers the opportunity to work together in some capacity.”

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Small But Mighty – ‘Surgical’ mining progress2021-07-22T12:32:36-04:00
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