Novamera is developing Sustainable Mining by Drilling (“SMD”), an innovative clean technology and process that will be able to mine the numerous small-scale narrow vein mineral deposits found worldwide more safely, economically and sustainably using unique downhole sensors, machine learning algorithms and industry proven drilling technology.

With a never-ending need for mineral resources and increasing demand for battery metals, Novamera’s technology will minimize environmental impact by only extracting ore and leaving waste in the ground. Mining operations will, therefore, have a smaller footprint, particularly with respect to tailings facilities, while doing so using less energy and emitting 50% less greenhouse gases compared to conventional selective mining techniques. Mining companies will also benefit by being able to develop known mineral deposits or zones that may not be economic today and extend existing mines beyond their current engineering limits, leveraging existing infrastructure.

Novamera expects its technology to have a lasting positive impact on safety, the environment and the economic well being of mining companies and the communities in which they operate.

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