Jeronimo holds degrees in mathematics (B.Math) and mechanical engineering (BME), a Master’s in Energy (M.A. Energy) specializing in oil and gas engineering and a Ph.D. in Drilling Engineering with emphasis on innovative drilling technology optimization as part of the Advanced Drilling Group of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he also worked as research team leader, laboratory, and project manager.

Having worked in the Brazilian onshore oil and gas industry for over 17 years, Jeronimo’s strong leadership and exceptional ability to manage multi-disciplinary engineering teams helped conceptualize and implement major projects (over $100M CAPEX) and technological innovations. These developments in technology contributed to several ventures, some through university and industry partnerships. At Novamera Inc., Jeronimo also lends his extensive experience in project management, cost control, KPIs, industrial maintenance, and production management to our mission.

Jeronimo’s an avid sports fan – and a black belt in Taekwondo – but his deepest love is for his family (evidenced by the stuffed zombie on his desk…handcrafted just for him by his daughter.)